‘Waterspout tornado on passage to getting our standing rigging replaced’ – Ch.17

Mother nature never ceases to amaze… or SURPRISE! After leaving Samos, we make our way across the Aegean for the second time. Hopping fairly swiftly between islands in an effort to avoid the full force of the Summer Meltemi winds. Little did we know we were soon to be gifted with a slightly different meteorological phenomenon – a WATERSPOUT. Thankfully for us, we were not in its path, so it only left us with a slightly increased heart rate and some twisted material for our memoirs. After a few more stops along the way, we eventually made it to Athens where we were booked-in to get our nine-year-old rig replaced. So grab a drink, sit back and relax.

‘Waterspout tornado on passage to getting our standing RIGGING REPLACED’ – Ch.17

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sailboat winch with line coiled around it
girl cleaning the bilges on a sailing boat
victoria 34 sailing yacht sailing at sea
  1. We are also in Athens and want to replace or rigging. Can you tell us the name where you replaced it? And what if you would recommend them?


    1. Hi there! So sorry for the slow response, yes we used Meltemi Yacht Riggers and they were super efficient to say the least(!). Would recommend actually.

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