‘Sailing the Peloponnese and discovering Monemvasia’ – Ch.18

In this chapter, we sail from Athens, through the narrow channel off Poros and South towards the Peloponnese. Sadly the preventative maintenance we had invested in Caladh on Samos was beginning to unravel. This coupled with the growing pandemic and the reality of its global impact, threw hundreds of variables into sharp relief for T and I. Much like the culprit of our ‘knocking’ sound, we were beginning to be a bit ground down. Life on the boat is isolated and in many ways, we were some of the safest individuals on the planet. That said, the concern for family and friends and the physical separation was intensifying. As we all know, a week is a very long time in a pandemic, so our plans were changing regularly.

I share this with you because you might notice we appear on camera slightly less this episode, but also to break the fourth wall social media mirage and delusion of ‘everything is perfect’. I mean I think we shatter this fairly regularly ANYway(!), with toilet pumps breaking, tornados and leaks, but nevertheless, I think it’s a pertinent reminder – especially in 2020. The reality is that we have captured what we could at the time and more often than not, this is when we were feeling more up to it… but like most people this year, we struggled too.

However, we were on a mission to stay safe and keep our options open. So we pulled our socks up as best we could and decided to sail beyond Spetses to escape the (now busy) charter-boat zones and head for the Peloponnese. Mother nature was on our side and we were rewarded with some fantastic downwind sailing, accompanied by dramatic mountainous valleys, deserted anchorages and crystal-clear waters. The veil of worry was still there, but we took what we could and for us, the Peloponnese was exactly the kind of adventure into raw mother nature we love – a timely reminder. So pour yourself a drink, sit back, relax for a moment and join us for some escapism as we venture into the Peloponnese.

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