Season 3 – Incidental Sailing

This season, with the rest of the world, we are reminded about what is truly important. Travelling from the Eastern periphery of Europe we fulfilled our aim of getting Caladh and crew back across the Aegean to be better positioned for impending Schengen shuffling. Our aim was to get there, whilst getting the rig (safely) replaced in Athens on the way.

Eat, sleep, boat jobs, repeat… but new boat upholstery and launch day yaaay!’- Ch.15
‘We’ve got the POWER! We install a big solar panel and new batteries on our small sailboat’ – Ch.16
‘Waterspout tornado on passage to getting our standing rigging replaced’ – Ch.17
‘Sailing the Peloponnese, discovering Monemvasia, oh and what’s that knocking noise?’ – Ch18
‘One of the hardest decisions we’ve had to make so far’ – Ch.19

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