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Keeping a written diary seemed quite daunting when we left everything. So we decided to film chapters of the adventure instead. Not only for our own memories but to bring others on the adventure with us. Let us know what you think, we love hearing from you!

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Season 4 – Epic Return

It’s quite a big mission this season, we have a race against the clock (now that post-Brexit we can only spend 90-days (Schengen) in the EU) AND… Kath needs to make it to Latvia to officiate her brother’s wedding. No pressure. Will we make it?! It was a season of many volcanoes, which we do our best to document by day and… by night. We experience some of the highest winds we’ve ever had on the water (so far) and of course… things break!

‘Our exciting return to LIFE ONBOARD & hand steering to Sicily’ – Ch.20
‘Navigating SWORDFISH FISHING boats in the Messina Strait’ – Ch.21

Season 3 – Incidental Sailing

This season, with the rest of the world, we are reminded about what is truly important. Travelling from the Eastern periphery of Europe we fulfilled our aim of getting Caladh and crew back across the Aegean to be better positioned for impending Schengen shuffling. Our aim was to get there, whilst getting the rig (safely) replaced in Athens on the way.

Eat, sleep, boat jobs, repeat… but new boat upholstery and launch day yaaay! – Ch.15
‘We’ve got the POWER! We install a big SOLAR PANEL and new batteries on our SMALL SAILBOAT’ – Ch.16
‘Waterspout tornado on passage to getting our standing rigging replaced’ – Ch.17
‘Sailing the Peloponnese, discovering Monemvasia, oh and what’s that knocking noise?’ – Ch18
‘One of the hardest decisions we’ve had to make so far’ – Ch.19

Season 2 – East Mediterranean

In season 1 we fell in love with Greece. So before heading West, we decided to spend season 2 in the Aegean. This adventure took us back across the Ionian and through the Corinth Canal, where we were spat out for a windy introduction with our friend the ‘Meltemi’. More boat parts break than ever before, but the crew gets to grip with some serious sailing.

Sailing from Greece to Sicily and transiting the Corinth Canal – Ch.9
Sailing East across the Aegean with our friend ‘Meltemi’ Part 2 – Ch.12
Tangled anchor, leaky stern gland and a dead start battery – Ch.10
Final sail and boat jobs before hauling out for the Winter – Ch.13
Sailing East across the Aegean with our friend ‘Meltemi’ Part 1 – Ch.11
‘We take a Winter trip to San Francisco, before returning to quarantine life in Greece’ – Ch.14

Sailing Around The World – start right here at chapter one!

If you’re new to The Sailing Nomads YouTube channel, this is the place to start. The camera work and editing are a bit rougher, but the crew is more youthful-looking! In this first season, we talk about the boat buying process, before getting stuck into some hard graft boatyard jobs. Finally, Caladh and crew are ready to launch and we take you on our first few nautical miles as liveaboards, including our first long passage 270 nautical miles from Greece to Sicily.

Buying our perfect liveaboard sailboat in Greece – Ch.1
Stormbound in Kefalonia Greece with medicane Zorba – Ch.4
Boatlife a tour of our small 34ft floating home ‘Caladh’ – Ch.7
Life in the boatyard antifouling and launch day – Ch.2
Our first passage 270 nautical miles from Greece to Sicily – Ch.5
Ups and downs of wintering on a sailing boat in Sicily – Ch.8
Adjusting to life afloat and the reality of living on a sailing boat – Ch.3
Engine failure, scams and Christmas wintering in Sicily – Ch.6