We are currently in the Aegean, doing our best to hide out from the strong Meltemi winds and sail short island hops when we can! The wind has been stronger than we expected, but some of the locals have told it has been particularly windy too.  With two passages under our belt from Greece to Sicily and back again, we don’t have a huge distance to cover to reach our 2019/20 winter destination.  So we are enjoying meandering between islands and understanding the nuances of the different islands. We will, of course, keep you posted!  Check out The Sailing Nomads YouTube channel to see and join in the adventure for yourself.

The Sailing Nomads Route Map
Our track so far
  • Start Date: 19th July 2018 at 14:18 hours
  • Start Location: Aktio Marina, Preveza, Greece
  • Total Nautical Miles: 1,869 (updated 12th Nov 2019)
  • Ports Visited:
    • Greece: Preveza, Vonitsa, Lefkas, Meganisi, Palairios, Nidri, Kalamos, Vathi, Atheras, Lixouri, Argostoli, Pessades (Kefalonia), Zakynthos, Messalonghi, Patras, Trizonia, Corinth, Corinth Canal, Korfos, Angistri, Epidaurus, Aegina, Palaia Fokaia, Kythnos, Syros, Paros
    • Sicily: Siracusa, Pozzallo, Marina Di Ragusa, Portopalo
  • Longest Passage: 272 nautical miles
  • Top Speed (Over the ground) Under Sail: 8.5 knots
  • Top Wind Speed: 42 knots
  • Tallest Seas Encountered: 2.5 meters

Broken Parts:

  • x2 domestic batteries 
  • x2 toilet pumps
  • saloon clock
  • handle on the tender
  • x1 jerry can
  • toilet roll holder
  • fuel gauge
  • holes in upholstery
  • x2 main sail sliders
  • x2 stanchion bolts
  • ‘bad fuel’ = engine failure
  • screws loose 
  • galley sink pipes clogged
  • fuel lift pump gasket perished
  • cabin LED gone
  • galley LED light 
  • x1 wind generator blade
  • start battery
  • packing in the stern gland
  • x1 fairlead
  • x1 lost fender (Brenda… RIP)
  • outboard fell in water (rescued)
  • x2 bilge pumps
  • leather steering wheel cover