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Updated: Dec 18, 2018

The most frequently asked question at the moment... Kath when are you guys actually going to leave?

Well firstly, thank you for your eagerness. Fair question, but a tough one to answer at the moment… and I shall tell you, for why…

As it stands, we have had an offer accepted on a beautiful Victoria 34, ‘Caladh’, who is currently lying in Greece (read more and see pictures here). She was advertised as VAT paid, so we went to see her and booked a survey. The problem we have at the moment, is that the owners have been unable to find the paperwork to evidence that VAT has indeed been paid on her. Doh! What this essentially means is that if we accept the vessel, we could be liable for a tax bill down the line and/or struggle with customs officials when entering/leaving other countries. This is a huge predicament and sadly a potential deal-breaker for us. It also requires a dedicated blog post, at a later date, when emotions have subsided and resolution attained. I’m also assuming that the audience on small pleasure craft tax liability will be niche, so I will write this separately!

Now, it is possible that by contacting previous owners of ‘Caladh’, we will be able to find copies of the paperwork. It is also feasible that we could negotiate a reduced asking price (24%), which would allow us to pay VAT at the point of sale and obtain new paperwork. I am sure you can appreciate, however, this would be quite a heavy price reduction for any seller to reconcile in their mind.

In the meantime, we are still madly eBaying belongings, cleaning and decorating flats ready for new tenants, viewing other potential boats and trying to stay sane! I have finished work, which makes life a tad easier, albeit extremely surreal, but T is still busy with project deadlines, bathroom fitters and pending research papers.

If we are able to resolve the VAT situation then it is likely I will travel out to Greece at the end of May to begin prep. If she is a no-go, then we have another extremely nice back-up option in Scotland. A slightly different start location(!), but another beautiful boat nonetheless. I will of course keep you updated. Incidentally, if you know anyone looking to rent in Manchester city centre, or selling an appropriate sailing boat, do let me know!

Otherwise, thanks for your support, wish us luck and much love.


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