‘We’ve got the POWER! We install a big solar panel and new batteries on our small sailboat’ – Ch.16

In this chapter, we finally slip the lines and go sailing! That is, just after we install a BIG 245watt Panasonic solar panel and 340ah AGM batteries to store all the reNEWable power. Neither of us are electricians, so it was a steep learning curve, but with a lot of help from our friends and a bit of trial and error we got there in the end. ‘Bertha’ (the panel) now generates enough power for us to live and work from the boat, which was always a goal of ours when we set off on this adventure. Next, we sail West towards Athens, racing across the Aegean for the second time before the Meltemi kicks in again.

‘We’ve got the POWER! We install a big SOLAR PANEL and new batteries on our SMALL SAILBOAT’ – Ch.16

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sailing boat at anchor with mountains in background and girl swimming in the water
sailing boats in a marina with still mirrored water and clouds in the reflection
victoria 34 sailing yacht sailing at sea
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