‘We take a Winter trip to San Francisco, before returning to quarantine life in Greece’ – Ch.14

Hi folks, this one was a bit of an odd one. We went from life as we knew it in the colourful and wonderful San Francisco, to a changed world in locked-down Greece. In both countries, we are reminded of our privilege, our appreciation in the small things and why it’s never a good idea to have more than 4 people on Zoom!

We hope this provides some light entertainment.
Stay safe!!

‘We take a Winter trip to SAN FRANCISCO, before returning to QUARANTINE life in Greece’ | The Sailing Nomads – Ch.14

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The Sailing Nomads.

greek church with blue dome roof overlooking sea and greek islands
silhouette of a sailing yacht at anchor with orange sunset
two girls in sailing jackets in a storm with uncomfortable facial expressions
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